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Commercial Services

Wired Up offers you design and planning of your system with great care. Our top-of-the-line packages are designed for businesses seeking the ultimate business automation experience.

Take your restaurant to the next level with a distributed audio system. Our systems are designed to be high quality, simple to use and long lasting for commercial use. The use of distributed audio lets music spread evenly throughout a space without the need of only a few speakers playing loudly in one area to compensate for another. Our packages are designed to offer excellent sound quality and simple usability for you and your staff.

Now more than ever high definition is here. The amount of HD content is increasing and it offers a new dimension into the world of television. Our high definition video distribution systems can steam HD content to any or all the TV’s located in your commercial space. Have your HD sources, such as cable boxes and computers, stored away in one central area and have them “stream” to any display. A great option for any sports bar, salon or pub.

Setting up a boardroom to function properly can make the difference between landing that big contract or missing the deal. Our team of professionals can integrate technology into your business to control simple tasks that can streamline your work day. Imagine you walk into your business and disarm the alarm, as this happens the lights turn on, the heat increases, the doors unlock, music starts in the background and even the coffee turns on. Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to streamline your existing one, let us design a system that can simplify your work life. Leaving the office? Forgot to shut off the lights? Easy, take out your phone and with a couple touches the sales floor is shut down and ready for tomorrow's business day.

The amount of data that streams over the internet is ever increasing. Having a properly configured computer network offers many key advantages such as security, file sharing and fast content delivery to any computer located within your network. If your business requires access to internet, have a Wired Up technician set up a fast, reliable system.

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